Application for Remote Data Access

Procedure for Remote Access to HADCL Self-service Data Platform at InnoPort

If you are interested in the remote access to HADCL data at InnoPort, you may follow the steps below for application and access:



Download the application form and submit the completed form to Contracts Team ( They will advise on submission of further documentations as necessary.

You will be notified of the application result within 14 working days after application. For successful applicants, InnoPort Team will contact you for scheduling of specified access dates and times.


You will receive the Confirmation of Booking from HADCL within 7 working days after arranging the access dates and times.

Please arrive InnoPort reception 20 minutes before the assigned timeslot, and bring along your CUHK Staff/Student Card and Confirmation of Booking for registration.


You can visit a maximum of 5 times within the following 3 months per application.[1]


If you wish to retrieve the data, you may submit Output Request to HADCL within 1 month upon last access. Once approved, you could collect the output in person at HADCL.


[1] For each application, you can reserve at most 5 full days for the following 3 months. If you wish to have further access within 3 months, you should submit a new application.

[2] HADCL Self-service Data Platform at InnoPort opens from Mon to Fri (Except Public Holiday) from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm (session I) and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm (session 2). All users must return the badge and guest card by the end of each session.



Application | Ms Anna Huang | ☏ 3943 5337

Booking & On-Site Support | Ms Joan Yu | ☏ 3943 0430

Data Catalogue & Output Request | HADCL Office |


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