Tenders & Quotations

  1. According to the University’s “Policy on Research”, the authorized signatory of contracts for knowledge transfer, consultancy or other services is the Director of the Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services. Therefore, PI should not sign and submit the quotation/tender without ORKTS’s involvement. For proper submission procedure, please refer to this link.

  2. The eligibility requirement to serve as a PI for a tender/quotation is the same as that for other research contracts. According to the University’s “Policy on Research”, academic staff at Assistant Professor rank or Research Assistant Professor rank or above may serve as Principal Investigators. For details, please refer to Article 5.1 of the “Policy on Research”.

  3. Yes, same for other types of research contracts, University Overhead is required for tender/quotation submission. The University Overhead rate is as follow: 15% for government/public funds/non-profit making organizations or off-campus project; 25% for others and on-campus project.

  4. In this link, answers are provided for filling in some common blanks in quotation/tender submissions.

  5. PIs should submit all the required documents to ORKTS at least 7 days prior to the external deadline. For details, please refer to this link.

  6. PIs should read the entire invitation document carefully, as it normally includes terms and conditions which are binding to the University once the tender/quotation submission is accepted. PIs shall pay special attention to the IP clause and the insurance clause, as these clauses may affect the budget of the project.

  7. As long as the application criteria of RMGS are met, the payment received for a research project established through tender/quotation submission are eligible for RMGS. For details on RMGS, please visit the University Grants Committee website on RMGS via this link.

  8. ORKTS will work with PIs to enter into a research contract with the inviter if required, and settle internal procedure for project account set-up. PIs can liaise with the inviter directly to kick-start the project. For details, please refer to this link.