Role of ORKTS in Handling Research Contracts

The ORKTS Contracts Team provides specialized research agreement service in respect of project-specific contracts for research, knowledge transfer (excluding technology licensing matters which are handled by IP and Technology Licensing Team), consultancy or related services as well as other relevant collaborations with external parties. It handles a wide range of research contracts made between CUHK (including SZRI and FITRI, hereinafter “CUHK”) and external funders / research collaborators, and plays an active role in all the underlying processes of agreement preparation, review, negotiation and execution.

The main responsibilities of the ORKTS Contracts Team include:

  • Advising CUHK’s principal investigators on the appropriate form and contents of contractual agreement for their intended research collaboration or activities;
  • Drafting various types of agreement for establishing the most appropriate contractual arrangements which suit the overall needs, aims and objectives of the intended research projects;
  • Reviewing contractual terms and conditions in order to ensure that the agreement to be entered by CUHK will both fit for the subject research activity and comply with the University’s established policies and principles on research, intellectual property and knowledge transfer (subject to individual project needs);
  • Identifying and suggesting amendments on any terms and conditions in the draft agreement provided by counterparties which are detrimental to CUHK’s interests and/or in violation of the University’s policies, so as to limit or manage the exposure of risks by CUHK;
  • Alerting and advising CUHK’s project teams on the relevant, special and/or important contract terms and clauses which may present risks or constraints on their research projects;
  • Negotiating appropriate agreement terms on behalf of CUHK, ensuring that fit for purpose contractual terms are agreed and the University’s interests are well protected;
  • Collecting, reviewing and advising on the University’s internal forms submitted by principal investigators;
  • Seeking the required University management’s approvals and arranging for CUHK’s execution of the agreed draft contracts; and
  • Preparing and issuing the University’s prescribed internal memos after agreement execution, including a memo to the Finance Office for creation of project account.