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Research Matching Grant Scheme


The Government launched a Research Matching Grant Scheme (RMGS) for 3 years from 1 August 2019 to 31 July 2022 and a total of HK$3,000 million has been allocated for application by eight UGC-funded universities and 13 local self-financing degree-awarding institutions. RMGS aims to diversify and strengthen financial support for research and development by joining hands with private sector. Under RMGS, donations and research grants/research contracts from non-government/non-public sectors designated solely for research-related expenditure/purpose are eligible for matching.

The Operation Guide for Research Matching Grant Scheme issued by the Government can be found on UGC website: https://www.ugc.edu.hk/doc/eng/rgc/form/RMGS_guide.pdf

Please refer to the UGC website at: https://www.ugc.edu.hk/eng/rgc/funding_opport/rmgs/faq.html for Frequently Asked Questions on RMGS.