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How Innovative Enterprises get the Attention of Investors - How to Evaluate An Investment Opportunity from an Intellectual Property Perspective

“Individual investor, private equity, banker and Venture Capital Company generally take a similar approach in picking the best innovation from many innovative enterprises.  As an innovator, what would make you stand out and get the attention of investors?   What are the factors that would affect the value of a company that is based on an innovation?  What are the relevant questions when due diligence investigation is performed on intellectual property of an investment opportunity?  Generally, investors are more likely to invest in a company that is unique, and if the company is based on technology, whether the proprietary technology is protected by intellectual property and the strength of the protection.  Investors are less likely to invest in a company that has a high risk of infringement on competitor’s intellectual property.  Ownership and rights to the intellectual property, assignments and any encumbrances on the title and license obligations are also important in a due diligence investigation.”

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