Health Data Collaboration Projects 2022

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To facilitate the use of health data for improving healthcare research, policies and services in Hong Kong, Hospital Authority Data Collaboration Lab (HADCL) serves as a platform to encourage local research community to conduct collaborative research projects with HA. Currently, HADCL is calling for submissions for Health Data Collaboration Project. The application deadline is extended to 31 Dec 2021

Grab this opportunity to utilize the rich healthcare data of over 25 years for your big data / AI research now!


Current academic staff & researchers in CUHK who are interested in access to HADCL for conducting health data collaboration projects

Application (Submission Deadline: 31 Dec 2021, Fri) 

Submit online application form with project details* to HADCL office
Assess applications by HADCL steering group 
Sign collaboration agreement by the organisation & undertaking forms by researchers 
Prepare the required data and tools for the selected project by HADCL office 
Access HADCL to start the research study by the authorised researchers 

1. The HA collaborators should be HA staff who support/participate in the proposed project. It is desirable to engage them during application submission. If you do not approach the HA Collaborator for the proposed project, you may fill “N/A” in those related fields during the application submission. We will review the proposal and propose a suitable HA Collaborator afterwards.
2. Support from Organization should be issued by CUHK to prove the support on the related project. Relevant funding approval issued by CUHK 
can be a proof. Or a supporting letter should be issued by the supervisor of Principal Investigator who is the chairperson of department or above from the university. 

Assessment Criteria

1. For public good
2. Readiness of requested data and tools

Useful Information

1. Technical and Platform Information
2. Data Catalogue 

Differences between Data Collaboration Project and Self-service Data Platform

  Self-service Data Platform  Health Data Collaboration Project 

for researchers to draft research hypotheses or proposals

for researchers to conduct health data collaborative research with HA

Data Type

specific sample data

customised data

Support from HADCL
  • analytical tool
  • analytical tool
  • technical platform
  • support from IT and HI professionals for a deeper data analysis

Projects List from CUHK (2019-20)

Project Principal Investigator  Faculty/Department 
Disease Burden of Chronic Viral Hepatitis in Hong Kong – Prediction Models Based on Clinical, Laboratory and Radiological Parameters Prof Grace Wong Department of Medicine & Therapeutics, Faculty of Medicine
The Development of Data-driven Algorithms for Optimising Resource Allocation across Ensembles of Primary, Acute and Subacute Care along the Patient Journey Prof Eman Leung JC School of Public Health and Primary Care, Faculty of Medicine
Deep Learning in the Assessment of Non-contrast CT Brain Scans for Intracranial Haemorrhage Dr Jill Abrigo Department of Imaging and Interventional Radiology, Faculty of Medicine



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