Event Highlight | 49th International Exhibition of Invention Geneva (17 - 21 April 2024)


The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) achieved great success at the 49th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2024, winning a record-breaking 32 awards, including one special grand prize the Korea Invention Promotion Association - KIPA award. This demonstrates the University’s outstanding performance in research and innovation on the global stage.

Research teams from the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, and Faculty of Medicine garnered 1 special grand prize, 1 Gold Medal with the Congratulations of the Jury, 12 Gold Medals, 16 Silver Medals, and 2 Bronze Medals with their innovations in the event. This demonstrates the University’s excellence in research and innovation on the global stage.

Among the 31 projects, 5 of them were developed under the world-class InnoHK research centers led by CUHK, which collaborate with top research institutions around the world. Another 19 innovations have been commercialized through university-supported startup companies led by CUHK researchers or become successful social enterprises.


Prize of Korea Invention Promotion Association - KIPA award and a Gold Medal with the Congratulations of the Jury

ORKTSAI Retinal Image Analysis for the Risk of Autism (ASD) and GDD in Preschoolers, developed by Prof. Benny Zee (The Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care, second right). (Photo: ORKTS) 
This invention is a AI-based Automatic Retinal Image Analysis (ARIA) that provides a non-invasive, convenient, fast, accurate (>90%) method to assess the risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Global Developmental Delay (GDD) among preschoolers.


Gold Award

ORKTSProf. Zhenyu Yan (Department of Information Engineering). (Photo: ORKTS)

VI-Map: Infrastructure-Assisted RealTime HD Mapping for Autonomous Driving 

ORKTS(From left) Mr. Zheng Sun and Mr. Shixiong Wang, representatives of SOTA Robotics (HK) Limited (under TSSSU scheme). (Photo: ORKTS)

MightySort: Intelligent Robotic Sorting Systems for MRFs 

ORKTS(From left) Dr. Hugo Chan and Dr. Hongpeng Liao, representatives of ExoTechHK Limited (under TSSSU scheme).(Photo: ORKTS)

Flexible Exoskeleton for Load Transportation 

ORKTSProf. Daniel Ong (Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, middle) and representatives. (Photo: ORKTS)

Rapid Biosensing at the Level Down to a Few Molecules 

ORKTSProf. Quan Li (Department of Physics, right) and her team member. (Photo: ORKTS)

Breaking Barriers in Li-based Energy Storage: {110} Textured Li Metal Foil Anode

ORKTS(From left) Prof. Yao Wang and Prof. Liona Poon (Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology). (Photo: ORKTS)

Advancing Miscarriage Prediction and Diagnosis by Blood Level of Soluble PD-L1 

ORKTSMr. Marz Zhang, representative of Mag Med Biotech (under TSSSU scheme). (Photo: ORKTS)

Regenerative Enhancers (Mag Med Biotech) 

ORKTS(From left) Prof. Connie Chong and Prof. Wai Tong Chien (The Nethersole School of Nursing). (Photo: ORKTS)

Pai.ACT: AI-driven Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Tailored Mental Health 

ORKTSProf. Benny Zee (second right) and his team. (Photo: ORKTS)

AI-based Automatic Retinal Image Analysis (ARIA) for Detecting Depression Risk in Adults 


ORKTSProf. Elvis Chui (center) and Prof. Louis Cheung (right) and team member (Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology). (Photo: ORKTS)

Ultrasound-Based Navigation System for Minimally Invasive Fracture Reduction 

ORKTSProf. Louis Cheung (center), Prof. Elvis Chui (right), and team member. (Photo: ORKTS)

Automated Patient-Specific Prosthesis Design System for Bone Defects 

ORKTSMr. Yichong Sun, representative of project team. (Photo: ORKTS)

Wireless Localization – Open “Eyes” of Magnetic Robot towards Autonomous Surgery 



In addition, there are also CUHK’s research teams participated as exhibitors to achieve a remarkable 3 Golds Medals and 2 Silver Medals.

ORKTSProf. Helen Meng (Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, middle) and representatives. (Photo: ORKTS)

ORKTSProf. Qi Su (Department of Medicine and Therapeutics) and representative. (Photos: ORKTS) 

ORKTSProf. Louis Cheung (middle), Prof. Elvis Chui (right) and the representative. (Photos: ORKTS)

ORKTSMr. Zheng Sun (left) and Mr. Shixiong Wang (right). (Photos: ORKTS)


About the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva

The International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva is the largest global exhibition devoted exclusively to inventions. All the exhibited inventions have been evaluated by an international jury of specialists. This year’s exhibition showcased over 1,035 inventions from 38 countries and regions.


ORKTSA group photo of ORKTS colleagues. (Photo: ORKTS)

Useful Information

Full list of the awards: pdf 

CUHK Official Press Release: https://www.cpr.cuhk.edu.hk/en/press/cuhk-wins-a-record-breaking-32-awards-at-the-49th-international-exhibition-of-inventions-geneva/