Event Highlight | Cubic Zine event: Learning & Teaching Expo 2023 (15 Dec 2023)


On December 15 2023, the “Artificial Intelligence: The Catalyst for e-reading" sharing session on Learning and Teaching Expo 2023 was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) in Wanchai. The session took place at InnoSTEMer stage and attracted 50 participants.

Our Director, Prof. Benny Chung-Ying ZEE, was invited to join the sharing discussion with Dr. Sharon Wong, the Director of the Hong Kong Publishing Federation.

The seminar showcased the conversion platform ”Publishing 3.0 - Hong Kong Smart e-Book Hub” which leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to streamline the publishing process for e-books and audiobooks. One of the notable applications of AI in the publishing process is in translation. By utilizing AI, the platform significantly reduces the time and cost associated with translation. This innovative e-book publishing conversion platform enables the translation of Chinese books into English, opening up opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and accessibility.

Moreover, its "text-to-speech" conversion technology also transforms e-books into audiobooks in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. Our book “Scholars Creating Social Innovations"「學人」搞社創 was selected to join this project and both e-book versions and audiobooks are currently available in the Epub 3.0 platform.

Prof. Benny Zee shared this transformative project with educators and advocated collaboration between schools, teachers, and students. Fostering partnerships could facilitate the creation of school-based e-books and audiobooks, enriching the learning experience for students. Prof. Benny Zee encouraged educators to embrace these new methods of creating learning resources and explore the potential of incorporating e-reading in education.

Additionally, the speakers expressed their interest in exploring potential partnerships with the publishing community and education-related organizations. By collaborating with these stakeholders, the application of e-reading in education can be better promoted, fostering a culture of digital literacy and empowering schools to adopt new approaches in developing engaging educational materials.

The Learning and Teaching Expo 2023 sharing session provided a platform for knowledge exchange and inspired educators to embrace the creative achievement in publishing and education.

More event details: https://lte2023.jemexonline.com/programme/mzaD9QbK/artificial-intelligence-the-catalyst-for-e-reading