Event Highlight | HKSEC 2023-24 Inauguration Ceremony

The Inauguration Ceremony of Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge 2023-24 was held at InnoCentre on 7 October (Saturday).

With the resumption of normalcy, the ceremony was well attended by government official from the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau, representatives from the United Nations Development Programme, key partners and supporting organisations, as well as HKSEC alumni and potential participants.

2023 marks the 17th anniversary of HKSEC; with the aim of enabling the public to gain a deeper understanding of the winners’ journey and the mission of HKSEC throughout the years, a book featuring the entrepreneurial stories of sixteen HKSEC winning teams was published and the official book launch was also held at the ceremony.

The theme of HKSEC 2023-24 is “Inclusive Society - RebuildRegenerateRedefine”. Three representatives of HKSEC winning teams, serving and empowering different groups of people respectively, joined a panel discussion at the ceremony to share their insights of an inclusive society, as well as the role of social entrepreneurs in rebuilding, regenerating and redefining a diverse yet harmonious society.

The enrolment for HKSEC 2023-24 is open from 15 September to 2 November this year.

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(from left to right) Dr. Frank Ng (CfE), Mr. Gordon Choi (Assistant Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs Bureau), Mr. Savinda Ranathunga (UNDP APAC), Dr. Elsie Tsui (ORKTS), Prof. Benny Zee (ORKTS)