Event Highlight | Y-LOT Global Deep Tech Youth Forum (13 April 2023)


Given the pressing humanitarian challenges and SciTech being top priority of the Chinese and Hong Kong governments, facilitating science research commercialisation through Deep Tech startups is more important than ever. Opportunities presented by science research commercialisation are immense and unprecedented to youths in Hong Kong. Hence, Y-LOT promotes social mobility among youths and supports the development of SciTech talents by raising their awareness of the exciting future and challenges of Deep Tech startups. This Forum was held at The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) for greater exposure to the youths. 

In 2022, Y-LOT and HKUST co-organized a successful GBA Deep Tech Forum. This year, Y-LOT continues the innovative spirit and efforts to include key stakeholders and SciTech talents to have an open conversation on the development of Deep Tech startups and bettering the SciTech ecosystem. The Forum attracted over 400 participants from around the world, online and offline. 

Please click here to revisit the recorded video of the event.


Panel Sharing by Ms Rachel Fan (right), CEO of GenieBiome Limited. (Photo: ORKTS) 


Presentation from Mr Raymond Tang, representative of GenieBiome Limited. (Photo: ORKTS)


(From left to right) Ms Rachel Fan (CEO from GenieBiome Limited) and Mr Raymond Tang (Geniebiome Limited). (Photo: ORKTS)


(From left to right) Dr Simon Wang (CEO from Luquos Energy Limited) and Mr Eddie Leung (Luquos Energy Limited). (Photo: ORKTS)


(From left to right) Ms Ariel Yuen (Knowledge Transfer Events Management Team), Dr Gene Man (Knowledge Transfer Events Management Team) and Mr Kwok Yiu LEUNG ((Knowledge Transfer Events Management Team). (Photo: ORKTS)

About Y-Lot Foundation

Founded in 2016, the Y-Lot Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization focusing on youth development. With the aim of “To Give, To Love, To Share”, the Foundation seeks to help youngsters build positive attitude and values through collaborations with various sectors of the community, so as to encourage them to stay independent, positive and optimistic toward study and life, and to bear social responsibility in different roles with versatility and a clear mind, after step into the society.

About Geniebiome Limited

GenieBiome, a biotechnology spinout from The Chinese University of Hong Kong was founded by world-renowned clinician-scientists and supported by a multidisciplinary team of experts in microbiology, metagenomics, bioinformatics, disease biomarkers, food technology, clinical trials, IP development and commercialization. For over a decade, their team has pioneered the use of microbiome with evidence-based science to tackle a myriad of diseases, including novel virus, gut serious illness, overweight and metabolic syndrome, skin irritation and mental health.

About Luquos Energy Limited

Luquos Energy is a start-up company from The Chinese University of Hong Kong focusing on novel energy storage technology, incubated by CUHK and HKSTP. Luquos Energy assembles a professional team of scientists and engineers to develop an inherently safe, long cycle-life, and low-cost flow battery. The Company is founded in 2020, working on several world-class technology innovations developed by The Electrochemical Energy & Interfaces Laboratory (EEIL) in CUHK. It is developing advanced flow battery for stationary and mobile energy storage. The flow battery is based on aqueous electrolyte and earth-abundant elements, with advantages of inherently safe, low-cost, scalable and long cycle-life.