Event Highlight | CUHK and CUHK(SZ) Joint Seminar Series: Smart Energy Engineering

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Second Row: Prof. Yi-Chun Lu (second on the left), Prof. Sham Mai Har (third), Prof. Junhua Zhao (fourth)

Co-organised by CUHK and CUHK (SZ), and coordinated by the Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services (ORKTS), this seminar on Smart Energy Engineering was held successfully on 19 May 2022 (Thur), with over 40 participants from both campuses. 

In the seminar, Prof. Yi-Chun Lu (Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, CUHK) revealed the fact that the non-aqueous lithium ion batteries that dominated the battery markets could bring catastrophic damages in large-scale applications because the flammable liquid electrolyte in commercial Li-ion batteries is the main reason for combustion and explosion. She introduced flow battery technologies that are suitable for ESS applications and strategies to improve the safety, energy density, and cycle life of Li-ion batteries and redox flow batteries. Its applications include but not limited to grid services, uninterruptible power supply, renewable power supplies, electric vehicles charing, smart gird for Green City and seasonal enegy storage in the sustainable future.

Prof. Junhua Zhao (Associate Professor, School of Science and Engineering) from Shenzhen campus also shared his study on data drvien co-simulaition of carbon-energy markets. He mentioned Chinese govenment announced that China's carbon emissions will peak by 2030 abd acgieve carbon neutrality by 2060. He believed that building a simulation framwork for both carbon and power market is essential for both government regulations and market participants. Lately he discussed how to apply AI techniques in carbon accounting and data security in the energy sector.

At the end the Q&A session chaired by Prof. Haizhou Li  (Associate Dean (Research), Presidential Chair Professor, School of Data Science) from Shenzhen campus. Participants had a heated discussion about solid state battery, the current capital cost of flow battery and low-carbon energy transition.

Thank you for all your participation.