CUHK launches six InnoHK Centres to power the innovation agenda



In a major contribution to Hong Kong’s innovation agenda, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has established six InnoHK Centres covering health, biomedicine, robotics and artificial intelligence. Located at the Hong Kong Science Park and established under the Hong Kong Government’s InnoHK initiative, the centres apply CUHK’s world-class research discoveries to generate translational impact on a local, national and global scale.

Combining expertise from CUHK and leveraging partners from prestigious global universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Karolinska Institutet, UC Berkeley, ETH Zurich, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the centres will position Hong Kong as a global powerhouse of innovation connecting the world with the rapidly emerging research and innovation ecosystem of the Greater Bay Area.

CUHK’s Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Rocky S. Tuan said “these six centres capture the essence of CUHK’s excellence and reflect two key areas of focus under our new Strategic Plan – Innovative Biomedicine and Information and Automation Technology. The co-location of research teams with industry partners and the injection of international collaborators enables extraordinary research breakthroughs to have translational impacts that can benefit economies, peoples and societies on a potentially enormous scale.”

CUHK’s Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Sham Mai-Har said “so many of the world’s most important translational research emerges from outstanding frontier discovery conducted at universities. These centres will translate the outputs of CUHK’s world-class research into to new products, novel solutions and expand our technology applications to markets which will enable more people to benefit from the research we do.”

CUHK has seeded two unicorns – the most of any university in Hong Kong, and has seeded many startups and successful spinout companies. The InnoHK centres feature alongside other developments in the University’s research, innovation and entrepreneurship agenda that include the CUHK InnoPort, Innovation and Entrepreneur Days, and the University’s recent Forum on Developments in the Greater Bay Area.

Five of the centres have commenced operations at the Hong Kong Science Park, with the sixth soon scheduled to commence in January 2022.

This article originally appeared in the Press Release from Communications and Public Relations Office, CUHK.