How to Evaluate your Startup (Part 1)

Did you know? Startup idea is like a hypothesis – There is a problem, and your company deliver the solution to it. How do you construct the hypothesis to show that your startup idea is going to work and your startup will grow fast? How investors evaluate your startup idea?

After watching this video, you should know how to construct your startup idea with three elements:

  • Problem: How to identify “good” problem(s)? What is setting of startup that make it grows quickly?
  • Solution: What experiment that you are running within those conditions for growing quickly?
  • Insight: What factors would help your startup idea end up be successful?

Questions to Consider:

  • What problem is your team trying to solve? Is the problem popular, growing, urgent, expensive, mandatory and happening frequently?
  • What kind of solution your team would provide? Is it a SISIP solution? How efficiently can your solution solve the problem?
  • What are your startup idea's "unfair advantages"?

Source: Y Combinator​ (Transcript and ppt sildes in link)