Fundraising tips: How to get funding during the pandemic


We talked about early stage fundraising strategy in the previous two articles. This time we will focus more on the influence of pandemic in fundraising and the corresponding strategies, covering questions like what kind of fundraising plans should be adopted, how to improve your virtual pitch, whether the process will be slower, and whether you should avoid talking about pandemic in the pitch.
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[1] Loom
A tool useful for video making for pitch. The free version allows you to make videos where you can display both you and your pitch deck at the same time. The educational license (sign up with your email) allows you to draw and annotate over the video in real time. The videos you make will automatically be uploaded onto the Loom server, and you can also trim your video on the web-based app for easy sharing.
A tool that you can use for both video making and zoom calls for virtual pitches. It also allows you to display both you and your pitch deck at the same time. Videos can be played and controlled within the app. Compared to Loom there are more options that you can play around with, including the position and size of your webcam capture, the frame for your webcam capture, the virtual background, etc. Their copilot feature allows your team mates to edit and change slides/virtual backgrounds, even if you are in different locations.

Currently, they are in beta (mac version only). If you want to try this out, you can sign up on their website, or contact PI Centre for an invite.