Seeking Software team mates in Hong Kong


Most startups struggle in their search for software team members, especially for those whose core business is based on tech. This time, let's have a look at some channels that the software engineers/ programmers may have look at when finding jobs. If you are looking for a tech member on your team, you may want to try posting jobs there!

The channels are split into two sections:
  1. For startups looking for a co-founder/team member (with less funds)
  2. For startups looking for more experienced members (with more funds)

For startups looking for a team member (with less funds), they may consider the below ways:​

1) Jijis
Jijis is a website that employers can register and post job listings for uni students and fresh graduates.
2) CUHK Career Planning and development Center
The CUHK Career planning and development Center offers opportunities for your company to reach students by company recruitment presentations, information sessions, and online job listing.
3) Via your own network & peers
You can try asking your friends,  and peers to see if they know anyone who might be interested! You can also try and approach student organisations and societies such as engineering societies, open innovation lab, etc.

4) Recruit student helpers
If there is an urgent need and you are unable to find a suitable person shortly, you may consider posting a recruitment for student helpers on CUHK. The student helpers may help to fulfil the short term need and could be the potential candidates of team member.


For startups with more funds and looking for more experienced tech members​:
1) Linkedin
People are usually approached by headhunters on LinkedIn - if you find someone whom you think will fit your team, try messaging them!

LinkedIn also has a job listing platform that you can post your job recruitment post as well.
2) Startup Recruitment platforms
Some recruitment platforms have a focus on startup jobs, which may attract people that fit your team more. For example:
3) IT Recruitment platforms 
Some recruitment platforms have a focus on tech jobs, for example:
4) IT recruitment agency
These agencies have portfolios of many individuals and may be able to recommend someone that suits your needs.​
5) Regular recruitment platforms
You can also try to post your job requirements on generic job hunting websites, such as:
6) Google job listing 
As some software engineers may not like regular recruitment platforms like JobsDB or recruitment agency, companies may also consider to connect their job postings with google. Google will merge the job listing, which may reach software engineers easier. 
How to do it:!#jump
7) Freelance platforms
Depending on your company's needs and operations, you can consider bringing a freelancer onboard. If there is an urgent need, you may try work with a freelancer to complete the task first, and later see if they would be interested in joining your team. However, it usually does not work out as most people choose to freelance due to the working nature/time limitations. Therefore, it’s more about fulfilling the short terms needs instead of finding a team member/ staff. Here are some platforms that you can find them on:​

Furthermore, if you are looking for a team member, PI Centre can help to post the job description on our website and social media platforms as well! If you need help on this, please feel free to contact PI Centre.​

  • CUHK PI Centre (28 Jan 2021)