Connect to Industry and Community Partners


Helping CUHK academics to engage in academic-industry collaboration is the key to foster successful development of translating their research into tangible impacts in the community. We will help you to optimize opportunities to generate impactful outcomes from your research and innovation.


Promote your research

Communicate your research with a wider audience will enable you to connect and collaborate with the community and increase the impact of your research. We will help you to promote your research through social media, blog posts, and success stories via the university’s platforms, as well as local and international exhibitions. If you would like to promote your research, please contact the Knowledge Liaison Team ( Here are some examples of promoting your technologies.

Engage an external partner to further develop your research

An external collaboration can give you access to the people and resources that you could work together to pursue a research objective that is of mutual benefit. For more information on how to process research contracts with external partners, please visit Research Contracts.

License your technology to an industry partner

Intellectual property (IP) licensing plays a vital part in the technology commercialisation process, and we work closely with you at all stages of the IP licensing process: patent application, IP and licensing strategy formulation, technology marketing, contract negotiation and post-licensing compliance. For more information, please visit IP Development