Nature: TSSSU Company
Business Area: IT
Starting Year: 2021-04-01
Source of Funding/Programme: TSSSU
Description: TiFi aspires to become a leading provider of cutting-edge wireless technologies and products for industrial usage within five years. The team members have an aggregate of more than 60 person-years of R&D experience in wireless communication technology. Today’s mission-critical machines in factories and logistic warehouses are predominantly interconnected by wired networks. In the coming age of Industry 4.0, many new industrial applications call for tetherless, mobile, and adaptive connectivity between machines that can only be provided by wireless networks. Today’s wireless networks, however, are unreliable due to radio frequency interference and signal blockage by objects. Furthermore, many mission-critical industrial operations and processes call for end-to-end communication latency between machines in the regime of milliseconds and sub-milliseconds that is beyond the reach of today’s wireless networks. TiFi provides technologies and products that enable reliable time-sensitive wireless networks, a key component for a wide range of Industrial 4.0 applications. TiFi希望在五年內成為尖端的工業無線技術和產品的領先提供商。TiFi的初創團隊成員在無線通信技術方面總共有超過60個人年的研發經驗。 如今,工廠和物流倉庫中的關鍵任務機器主要通過有線網絡互連。在即將到來的工業4.0時代,許多新的工業應用要求機器之間只能通過無線網絡所能提供的無線,移動和自適應連接進行互連。但是,由於無線電頻率的干擾和物體引起的信號阻塞,當今的無線網絡並不可靠。此外,許多關鍵任務工業操作和過程要求機器之間的端到端通信延遲在毫秒甚至亞毫秒這個範圍內,這遠遠超出了當今無線網絡所能達到的性能。 TiFi提供的技術和產品可實現可靠的對時間敏感的無線網絡,而該網絡是各種工業4.0應用程序的關鍵組件。

TiFi Technologies Limited