30 Jun 2021 04:00pm

City I&T Grand Challenge 2021

Event Date: 30 Jun 2021 04:00pm

Type: Competition 

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Will you be Hong Kong’s next GREAT INNOVATOR?

Innovation and technology is rapidly gaining speed in Hong Kong. As of 2019, our city has brought more than 3,100 home-grown start-ups to life, with more on the rise.

We launched the first ever City I&T Grand Challenge (“The Grand Challenge”) to solve important challenges that affect Hongkongers’ everyday lives. The Grand Challenge engages people from all walks of life, from across the world to submit innovative ideas and transform them into impactful solutions.

We believe that anyone can be an innovator, whether you are a student, employee, entrepreneur or retiree. The Grand Challenge invites you to help transform the future of Hong Kong, one idea at a time. If you enjoy tackling big picture issues, discovering creative solutions and moving the city forward into the future, the Grand Challenge is the perfect place for you to put your creativity and innovative skills to the test. Winners will have the chance to receive mentorship and shadow startups and advisors. Selected projects may even be productised, featured in exhibitions and roadshows, and enter incubation programmes!

Ready to bring your ideas to life and help alleviate Hong Kong’s imminent challenges?

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Idea Submission
18 Dec 2020 – 30 Jun 2021
Submit your innovative idea as a team or an individual on the City I&T Grand Challenge website under any of the 6 groups: Primary School P1-3 (Yr 1-3) or P4-6 (Yr 4-6), Secondary School F1-3 (Yr 7-9) or F4-6 (Yr 10-13), University/Tertiary Institute, and Open Group.

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