19 Oct 2023 04:30pm - 31 Dec 2024 11:59pm

Launch of First Social Impact Academy Course: Foundations of Social Business

Event Date: 19 Oct 2023 04:30pm - 31 Dec 2024 11:59pm

Type: Others 

Organizer: Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services

Coordinator: Social Innovation Team

Transform Your Research Into Social Impact

Turn your promising research into a purpose-driven social enterprise. This self-paced online course provides a practical foundation for researchers looking to launch impact-focused businesses.

Led by professional impact investor Mark Cheng, the course outlines key steps from developing your initial concept to building a financially sustainable model. Over just 3 hours of video content split into 20 bite-sized lessons, learn how to:

  • Map your enterprise's evolution from idea to maturity

  • Identify and approach the right investors at each funding stage

  • Quantify and articulate your vision's true societal impact

  • Grasp cash flow management and forecasting

  • Craft a winning business plan to attract funding

Gain insider knowledge on launching a successful social business that transforms lives. The course covers approaching the right funders for each growth phase, measuring and reporting social impact, understanding cash flow, and writing a compelling plan to secure investor funding.

Learn on your schedule through pre-recorded videos. Test your knowledge via a multiple choice exam and receive certification. Say “yes” to turning your promising research concept into a purpose-driven enterprise ready to drive real change.


Founder, Social Innovation Circle
Senior Advisor, Ashoka