Universities make an important contribution to society by discovering and developing innovative technologies which directly or indirectly affect the way we live. One of the most important functions of ORKTS is to help to commercialise new technologies developed by CUHK’s scientists and to bring them to market as practical propositionsIntellectual property (IP) licensing plays a vital part in this process of technology transfer, and ORKTS works closely with the University’s researchers at all stages of the IP licensing process, (patent application, IP and licensing strategy formulation, technology marketing, contract negotiation and post-licensing compliance).

The University’s streamlined licensing process begins with the disclosure of a potentially important invention by a CUHK researcher . The Technology Development Team (TDT) of ORKTS will first evaluate the patentability and the commercial potential of the invention, and will assist the researcher to develop a suitable IP and commercialization strategy. The invention will then be packaged and promoted to attract potential business partners through various marketing channels(e.g. a web-based marketing campaign, business matching and international exhibitions). Once a suitable business partner is identified, TDT will help the researcher to develop concrete collaboration proposals and draw up a contract acceptable to both parties.. A schematic diagram of the licensing process is shown below:

IPL overview pic1

                                                       Invention Distribution  
                                             IPL overview pic2